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Drop Design Fire is a gorgeous design fireplace that follows the shape of the Drop spa pool, which is awarded with the Finnish Design Deed of the Year. The high-quality Design Fire, designed and handmade in Finland, is a true eye-catcher and an impressive design element for your patio or backyard. The fireplace is uniquely versatile and can be used outside with firewood or coal. The Design Fire comes with a square-shaped black cover that transforms the fireplace into a table and keeps water and trash away when the fireplace is not in use.

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WE ONLY DELIVER ACCESSORIES WITHIN FINLANDAt the moment we only deliver accessories within Finland. If you have questions about our pool accessories, please contact drop@drop.fi
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  • Weight 40kg
  • Measurements: 76 × 76 × 40 cm

Drop Design Fire is incredibly durable. The material is 3 mm thick cold-rolled steel which is surface-treated with high-temperature powder coating. The material of the ash pan is stainless steel. The interior of the table leg is heat-protected with mineral wool so the heat from the fireplace does not reach the leg and thus, the patio or other surfaces.


Drop Design Fire includes: a fireplace with a leg a square cover for the fireplace that transforms the fireplace into a stylish table for the patio.


The product is delivered unassembled. A bioethanol burner is available as an additional feature for Drop Design Fire.

The bioethanol burner is a stainless-steel drop with a built-in ethanol container. The container’s capacity is a maximum of 1.5 litres of ethanol. The container is filled from the edges of the drop or by lifting the drop by the cover and pouring the ethanol into the container. Design Fire burns for approximately 1.5 hours with 1.5 litres of ethanol.


  • When filling the bioethanol burner, the surface of the liquid must be kept lower than the wire panel (approximately 1.5 litres).
  • Do not add ethanol into a burning or hot burner.
  • The burner must have cooled down enough so that you can touch it before filling it again.
  • Do not pour ethanol anywhere else in the fireplace or on the surfaces of the fireplace than inside the burner.
  • Ethanol uses up a lot of oxygen when it burns, so make sure you have sufficient ventilation if using it in closed spaces.
  • The fire is put out by putting the cover on.

Get inspired


Drop Fire is not just a fireplace but a multi-purpose, high-quality design product. Get inspired by the wonderful images in our photo gallery and Drop stories by our customers - to take your terrace to a new level of everyday luxury.

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