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Villa Myötatuuli


Kontio's ”Villa Myötätuuli" is a spectacular two-story log villa that stands proudly in the middle of the rocky nature of the Lounatuuli Housing Fair. This fair brings together log construction, respect for nature and impressive appearance. The whole is complemented by the black Drop Lähde pool designed for the terrace.





The first Housing Fair was held in Tuusula as early as 1970. The idea was to increase housing awareness and improve the quality of both design and construction. The same themes and goals have been reference since then, and after 2020, good housing and its durability will be promoted. The aim is to provide inspiration and insights into smart living solutions. In addition, the Housing Fair also offers ideas for energy savings, interior design, different forms of living, a variety of life situations and individual wishes.

The goal of the Housing Fair is to continue to promote good and sustainable living. A resident is at the heart of the design, which is reflected in a variety of solutions that serve in the fair area and as facilitating everyday life. The exhibition area combines comfort, ease and the presence of nature. Naantali is five kilometers away, so access to services is quick. The playground for children is coming to the beach and the marina invites visitors to enjoy the maritime atmosphere. Later, the area will complement the school, the kindergarten and the shop.





Kontio's ”Villa Myötätuuli" is a spectacular, two-story log villa with stunning terraces serve a diversity of the nature. The plot, almost entirely of the rock, was kept as organic as possible and the log house was planted seamlessly in the surrounding nature.

The project lasted for about a year and a half from applying for a plot to the finished fair house. “Material and interior choices were made together with an interior designer. All choices are made in the long run. Some furnitures will certainly change after the fair, but as a whole, the destination at the fair is similar to our future home, "says Harri Tikkanen, who moves to" Villa Myötätuuli.”




When choosing a pool, your own wishes and needs, as well as the style of the house, guide the final choice. Comparison of different models is often necessary to find out own preferences. “For us, Drop was an easy choice. In fact, it was the first choice for the whole fair project, ”says Harri Tikkanen. “Sure, I compared other models, but I couldn't find anything that would fit into my taste just as well. After all, I didn't have to compare that much when my taste and style were so clear, ”Tikkanen continues. 

Drop is a domestic pool manufacturer whose jacuzzi pools are designed and manufactured in Finland. All products have also been awarded with the Avainlippu sign. “In the horizontal cup, domesticity, design and the appearance of the pool weighed. I like the fact that the pool is simple and beautiful in design,” says Tikkanen about the important things for him when choosing a pool.




The black Drop Lähde pool was chosen for Harri Tikkanen’s home. The Lähde pool is named after the spring and its bubbles. Finland's largest spring is Sulaoja's spring in Utsjoki, which is also a sacred place for the Sami people - and it is also believed to have a healing effect. Drop Lähde brings the same experience to the yard or terrace; in its gentle bubbles, you can relax in the hurry of everyday life. The pool is equipped with an air rein system, which allows the bather to enjoy light and natural whips. “For us, natural bubbles and atmosphere were the most important selection criteria. For our taste the water can ripple, but we do not want massaging bubbles and that's why we ended up with the Lähde model,” says Tikkanen.

When planning to have a pool, you should first think about the place for it in the yard or terrace; is the pool intended to be completely immersed or perhaps partially. “Our plot is a rock plot, so we had to modify the place. We wanted to keep the rock and terrain as much as possible. According to that, a plan for the placement of the pool was made,” says Tikkanen of the project's background.

The construction of the ”Villa Myötätuuli" has taken into account the magnificent rocky nature and the same atmosphere was to be preserved in the design of the yards. “The forms of nature dictated the place of the pool. “We have access to the glazed terrace from the dining room and the living room, where the pool was placed as part of the field and meadow landscapes. We decided to partially immerse the pool, as it fits the terrace best, ”says Tikkanen at the end.




Electric-heated Drop pools, designed for year-round use, can always be kept ready for use. The pool is ready, regardless of the weather - on a sunny summer evening or in the middle of a winter frosty day. If you dream of an outdoor jacuzzi, feel free to find out and visit Drop’s Showroom. It is also worth remembering that it is possible to fund the pool flexibly with Santander's financing, so funding is not a barrier to the pool. With Santander’s financing, you can get your outdoor jacuzzi in your yard with a monthly installment that suits you. You can also easily request a financing offer for your purchase and it will not bind you to anything yet.

Well designed always brings the best result. This was also the case with Harri Tikkanen. It is a good idea to compare the pools and different models in peace, find out the laws and technical details of your own destination, and visit the stores in the industry. Tikkanen also visited at the Turku Showroom in advance and made a preliminary agreement about the pool. At the same time, a model coming to the ”Villa Myötätuuli" was decided. “The process went flexibly with the Drop and I have always received help and advice if I needed them. On the Drop’s side, they have also been really flexible in terms of schedules and the pool was delivered when it was time,” says Tikkanen with satisfaction.