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About us

Finnish designer Nikolai Ruola designed the first Drop spa. The inspiration for the design language came from the Finnish nature, the land of thousands of lakes and the shape of a drop. The first model, the Pisara, is still in production, although the product development has greatly progressed since then.


Drop's wonderful and minimalistic design language was quickly noted and the Association for Finnish Work awarded the Drop pool with the "Design Deed of the Year" award in September 2015 at Habitare. The Drop is still the only outdoor pool to receive this award for its stunning design.



A grey pool was introduced alongside the original white one. Drop began with B2B sales. The wonderful designer fireplace Drop Fire was released. The beautiful Fire adapts to the design of the award-winning Drop spa. It is a real eye-catcher and an impressive design element on the terrace or in the yard. Our Key Flag symbol certified fireplace with a bioethanol burner available as an accessory are made with high-quality craftsmanship in Finland.



Drop was also noticed abroad and was awarded with the Design Award..


”Drop design spa is a design hero. Drop works hard every day to make the world a better place with good design. Drop is an innovator, a visionary of good design.”


The Association for Finnish Work awarded Drop Design Fire with the Key Flag certificate, which indicates that the product is crafted in Finland and employs people in Finland. With the help of the Key Flag, the Finnish origin of a product is clearly notified. The degree of domesticity of the product must be at least 50 percent. Drop Design Fire is a 100 percent Finnish product and it is made with high-quality craftsmanship in Lieto.




We renewed our product range, including the spa names. We switched to a completely new spa technology, which is already installed inside the pool in the factory. The best part is that the production of all electrically heated pools was moved to Finland. Our turnover grew from 1.8 million euros to 2.7 million euros and we expanded our sales networks to cover all of the of Scandinavia as well.



Increasing the exports abroad. Our exports began to increase more abroad, all the way to Belgium, the Benelux countries and Spain. The amount of the sold spas exceeded the 1,000 mark and the turnover doubled from the previous year.



Drop won the valued first prize of the Golden Wave 2022 Design Award. We released the highly desired black color for the Drop spa selection alongside with the new smaller Vuolle compact model.



Work with us?


Would you like to work for a rapidly growing international company?

Founded in 2015, Drop sells design all over the world, with Finland and Europe as its main regions.

The company's showrooms are located in Turku and Vantaa, with the possibility of remote work.

We currently have no vacancies, but you can send an open application to the email address