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"Betoniviidakko" is the new home for Emmi Pärni and Sami Lehtinen and their children. The couple's first home was in Bali, on the same happy island where their future home was inspired by. 






According to research, Finland is the happiest country in the world and the Naantali people in Finland are at the forefront of this list. "The big reason we started building our home in Naantali was the feeling that we could be happy here," says "Emmi Pärni from ”Betoniviidakko”. “We have traveled a lot in Bali and it has always been a happy island for us - now we are building our home on another important island, Luonnomaa,” Pärni continues.

"Betoniviidakko" is the new home for Emmi Pärni and Sami Lehtinen and their children. The couple's first home was in Bali, on the same happy island where their future home was inspired by. “We wanted to bring a piece of Bali to Naantali,” says Pärni. "For us, the question is more about emotion than material or objects," Pärni continues.

The future home of Pärni and Lehtinen will appear at the Housing Fair as their genuine home - all choices, materials, surfaces and furniture are permanent solutions that will stay on their home after the fairs. ”We proudly invite the fair guests to visit our home - at the Housing Fair, guests see our home as it will be after the fair," says Emmi Pärni.






”Betoniviidakko”, built by Lakka Kivitalot, is an architect designed with clear lines, lightness and thoughtful purchases. The home is a dream of concrete with minimalism and organicity. The idea of ​​a home terrace with jacuzzi was in the family's mind already in the design phase. “From the beginning, it was clear to us that a pool would come to our new home. In Bali we had a villa that had a large swimming pool in the yard - wonderful that we can offer our children the same activity in our new home, ”says Pärni. "For us, water and sea are important elements and children love swimming - the spa was therefore an easy choice for us," Pärni continues.

However, many people who dream of spas are considering its purpose and need for their own family. “Of course, we, too, are wondering if the spa was used, but the discussions with friends were in favor of buying it. The spa is not just a beautiful element, but it will also be very practical. Our yard is very organic and easy to care for - with a few elements we got the yard where we love to spend time as a family, ”says Emmi Pärni from the background of their decision. 




There are a huge number of different pool brands on the market with different features and functions. Sometimes choosing is easy, sometimes a comparison can cause headaches. Once your own wishes and needs are clear, it is easy to choose a pool. “For us, Drop was an obvious choice. The design of the house and outdoor spaces has been comprehensively sought for a minimalist result and Drop is perfect for the whole. Drop sits completely on our concrete terrace thanks to its simple and minimalist design, ”says Pärni about outdoor design.

In the design of the spa, the yard or the terrace must be taken into account not only technical issues but also the foundation issues. Pärni also says that they visited the Drop Showroom regarding the technical issues and for more information.“We had to make a very early decision about the spa and its location, as the location was cast on the concrete terrace and the spa was completely immersed. There is a basement under the spa, which makes it easy to maintain, ”Emmi Pärni continues.

White Drop Lähde was selected to ”Betoniviidakko”. Lähde is suitable for placing out on the terrace or in the yard. The spa is equipped with an air rein system, which allows the bather to enjoy light and natural bubbles. "For us, the Drop Lähde was the best choice for value for money and at the same time we got wonderful airy bubbles," says Pärni.

Overall, the process went smoothly and there were hardly any surprises. The architect drew the spa on the terrace already at the design stage of the building. At the agreed time, the crane went to lift the spa to its right place. “Whenever something has happened in construction phase without notice, then everything has gone well. The process went as expected and there were no surprises, ”says Emmi Pärni about cooperation with Drop.