Indulge yourself in a little luxury – now is the time to own a Drop spa pool

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Did you know that you can use the spa pools from Drop Design Pool all year round? They are designed for our Nordic climate and can, in fact, be used in all seasons. So for those who long for an outdoor spa of their own next spring, it pays to order now and get an early bird discount. “If you want to celebrate the New Year in your own outdoor spa, it’s time to act now to ensure delivery,” says Arttu Rantala, Partnership Manager at Drop Design Pool.


The popularity of Drop spa pools has skyrocketed since they were given the Finnish Design Deed award in 2015. The stylish design automatically draws attention to the product. High quality, modern design and ease of use have made the Drop models stand out and become popular. “The idea was to create a clean and simple pool in the Nordic spirit. In addition, it is a completely domestic product that is easy to use,” says Rantala.



Can the Drop pool be used in winter?



All models except the Drop Pisara are electrically heated. The manufacturer recommends that such pools are run and used all year round, even in winter. The pools have a fully insulated frame that protects the technical equipment from the cold. However, it is crucial to ensure that the pipes and technology do not freeze during the winter.

Some might wonder if running a pool constantly will be expensive. It is worth noting that several factors affect electricity consumption: the insulation of the pool, the degree of use, the weather and the owner’s electricity contract. “My tip is: keep the spa pool’s thermal cover closed and always locked when the spa is not in use. In fact, thanks to the first-class insulation, electrically heated pools in Finland have an electrical consumption equivalent to only 1 €/day, when the water is kept at 37 degrees all year round, and the machinery is running 24/7,” Rantala explains.


Rantala adds that the best characteristics of the pools come out, especially in winter. “Let’s say it’s minus 10 degrees outside, and the water in the pool is +36 degrees. That combo is unbeatable. Of course, in the summer, you can swim almost anywhere, but immersing into the outdoor spa pool in winter gives an indescribable feeling of pleasure.”


Overall, the spa pools have been praised for being ergonomic and very easy to use. This is thanks to a well-thought-out, award-winning design and high-quality technology.






Easy assembly



To fully enjoy your Drop pool for many years, you should think about where you place it. Make sure there are no deciduous trees very close by because leaves and other debris can easily fall into the water when bathing.


The most crucial pre-assembly issue is the foundation itself. The foundation, which can be concrete, gravel, wood or any other hard material, should be even, load-bearing and horizontal. The foundation must also be able to withstand the stresses of frozen ground. “If you have completed the foundation well in advance of the ground freezing, you can even install the pool in the middle of winter,” explains Rantala.


When the foundation is ready, lift the pool into place. Four to six people are able to lift and carry it without any problem. Access to electricity is also necessary, and a qualified electrician should do the installation. The upper edge must not carry the entire pool, instead the frame itself should stand on the foundation. “If you feel unsure about the assembly, we have authorized service and assembly companies that can help,” Rantala says.



Reserve your favourite spa pool



Drop Lähde is one of the most popular models, but everyone can find their favourite in the range.

Usually, the delivery time for a new pool is about three to four weeks. Still, now due to the pandemic and difficulties in obtaining components, you need to expect a delivery time of about six to eight weeks.


“For anyone who wants a new spa still this year, the clock is ticking, making it urgent to order and prepare the foundation before the ground freezes. Also, if you want to ensure delivery of a pool before a certain date in the spring/summer season of 2022, I recommend ordering already this autumn at an early bird discount. By doing so, you can avoid the great rush that usually comes when the snow begins to melt. So order now, and we will deliver your pool in the spring,” recommends Arttu Rantala.