Drop sauna

Drop spas can already be found on the terraces, cottage shores and holiday home balconies of thousands of design lovers both in Finland and around Europe. Drop spas and Drop Fire outdoor fires are now joined by Drop outdoor saunas and lodges designed with heart and passion - and manufactured in Finland.

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Just like our cherished spas and outdoor fires, the Drop Saunas and Drop Lodges are meticulously crafted in Finland with the utmost attention to detail. Using high-quality materials and a commitment to excellence in finishing, each sauna and lodge is a testament to Finnish craftsmanship. The construction material, CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) stands as one of the most ecologically conscious and durable building materials available 


Drop has received many valued awards in Finland and abroad. Association for Finnish Work awarded Drop spa with the "Design Deed of the Year" award in September 2015 at Habitare. Drop is the only outdoor spa to receive this award for its stunning design.



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A Drop sauna is a perfect addition to both summer cottages and home patios, just like other iconic Drop products. This turnkey outdoor sauna is ready to transform your space effortlessly. All it takes is an electrician and a flat spot to set it up. You can choose either a convenient electric heater or a wood-burning stove for your ultimate relaxation.

- Size 230 x 230 cm

- Fits comfortably 5 people 

- Power of the stove 9KW

- Weight around  2000 kg




Naturally accompanying the Drop Sauna we came up with a stylish outdoor building, the Drop Lodge. By omitting the benches, heater, and floor drain, the structure transforms seamlessly into an ideal guesthouse. Imagine enjoying the scenery through the distinctive drop-shaped window while lounging comfortably in a double bed. The Drop Lodge serves various purposes, such as a guesthouse, a relaxation room, a remote workspace, or even a playhouse.



The high-quality Drop outdoor spas can be used in every weather. Our spas are designed and crafted in Finland, so we can guarantee that the Finnish weather conditions have really been taken into account.
Our outdoor spas are durable, low-maintenance and best of all, always bath ready. When you feel the need to relax a little, all you have to do is take off the lid and take a deep breath. The outdoor pool is a place for relaxation and enjoyment any time of the week. It definitely is the perfect investment for your own well-being.





Drop Design Fire is a gorgeous design fireplace that follows the shape of the Drop spa, which is awarded with the Finnish Design Deed of the Year. The high-quality Design Fire, designed and handmade in Finland, is a true eye-catcher and an impressive design element for your patio or backyard. The fireplace is uniquely versatile and can be used outside with firewood or coal. The Design Fire comes with a square-shaped black cover that transforms the fireplace into a table and keeps water and trash away when the fireplace is not in use.