Inspiration » Drop By You » Talo Pukkila is an impressive combination of wood and tile



Black Drop S spa and design fireplace complement this stylish whole.



Naantali Housing Fair number 12, house ”Pukkila”, assembles a wooden atrium house, impressive tiling solutions and well-designed terraces. The dark appearance of the building is modern, which is complemented by the Black Drop S pool and a Design Fire. Matias Ojala, who moves to the new house after the fair, says that the choice of the pool was clear from the start. “The pool was already designed as part of the house whole time and Drop was a clear choice for us because of its design and the features that please us,” says Ojala.

The Naantali Housing Fair 2022 will be held on a beautiful island of Luonnonmaa, which may be better known thanks to the summer place of the President of the Republic of Finland, Kultaranta. Also, the Moomin world attracting families with children in the summer is a short drive from the Housing Fair area.

The house, named after Pukkila, the main exhibitor of the year, is a spectacular wooden atrium-shaped house. The house is designed for one level that is well suited for both a couple and for a family with children - and for such use, this house was also built. In addition to natural wood, the surfaces of the house also sees plenty of tile as new and impressive tiling solutions. The tile was selected as surface material due to its durability, environmental friendliness and easy care.




The house ”Pukkila” is the future home of Matias Ojala and his family in Naantali. Ojala first searched for a free plot in other areas of Naantali, but there was no suitable one. Coincidentally, Ojala also ended up driving to a beautiful fair area, even though he had not originally intended to buy a lot from there.

However, the area pleased him and through the cancellation, a fine plot was released as a construction location for Ojala's new home. The house ”Pukkila” was built into a transformative space for two adults' everyday life, which also regularly becomes a family home for children. The living spaces that are on one level, are designed to withstand time and are easy to customize for different needs; for example children's rooms can easily be converted into guest rooms or studies.




Ojala was in contact with the Drop representative well in advance and discussed about the pool. The pool was designed from the beginning as part of the whole and Drop pool was clear to Ojala as the choice. “Design and immersion were the most important selection criteria for us,” says Ojala about the choice of the pool.

For the Ojala’s family, it was important to find a package that suits their value for money, which, however, contains the most important features for them. From Drop's selection, Matias Ojala's family selected the Drop S model in black and Drop Design Fire. The Drop S has a minimalist design and, like other Drop pools, is a pool designed and manufactured in Finland. In this model, there are four 6”massage nozzles that guarantee relaxation and enjoyable moments.

House ”Pukkila” has a large sauna department with direct access to a large terrace. The location of the pool was carefully designed from the start as it was wanted to completely immerse into it. The final terrace was implemented around the pool after this. A hatch was left at the end of the terrace, which makes it easy and effortless to maintain the pool.

The collaboration with Drop pleased Ojala particulary. “The buying process was made well in advance and it was agreed that I would call when the pool could be delivered. I then called and the pool was in place in a few days, ”says Matias Ojala with satisfaction.




Drop Design Fire is a great fireplace that creates a live fire at the own yard. The fireplace can be safely placed on the terrace, pier or even on the yard. The visual appearance of Drop Design Fire is designed to adapt the award winning design of Drop outdoor pools. The design is straightforward and the fireplace is versatile; it can be used outdoors with firewood and coal. The fireplace also comes with a square shaped stylish cover that will transform it into a table and a necessary landing space of the yard. Drop Design Fire is made from sustainable materials in Finland and has, like other Drop products, the Avainlippu sign. 

On the terrace of the Ojala’s house, the final location of the fireplace will be next to the pool, where the pool and fireplace form a single design language. Practicality is also present in this solution: first you can relax comfortably in the bubbles and then move on to a living fire to enjoy the atmosphere.