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Sogndal Fjordpanorama


View with a side of bubbles? Sheltered patio with its own Drop spa creates room for cosiness and tranquility at Sogndal Fjordpanorama in Norway.







Located between steep mountains and deep fjords, Sogndal Fjordpanorama in Norway is a perfect place to escape the daily grind. The story of the resort started in 2021 when 3 brothers and 2 friends saw a property up for sale.


“We saw the enormous potential of this area and had a vision for what we could create here. The resort is located 5 minutes from Sogndal central, but still very private - which is perfect for the cabins,” tells Robin, one of the owners.



This high-end resort with amazing views is perfect for relaxation. The visitors get to stay close to nature without sacrificing comfort. Besides quality, sustainability is also an important value for the owners.


“We have made all our cabins from containers that would have been thrown away if we didn’t recycle them as cabins. Sustainability and impact on nature are very much in our thoughts and part of our vision,” Robin explains.


In their most exclusive cabin customers can take the evening sky straight in through the skylight. Sheltered patio with its own Drop spa creates room for cosiness and tranquility.


“Everything is of the highest standard which is why we also picked Drop Spa for the patio.”