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Naturally accompanying the Drop Sauna we came up with a stylish outdoor building, the Drop Lodge. By omitting the benches, heater, and floor drain, the structure transforms seamlessly into an ideal guesthouse. Imagine enjoying the scenery through the distinctive drop-shaped window while lounging comfortably in a double bed. The Drop Lodge serves various purposes, such as a guesthouse, a relaxation room, a remote workspace, or even a playhouse.


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Technical details
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• Builgind material is CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber)

• Exterior walls treated with black/clear wood stain or covered with light paint

• Interior walls feature neutral woodwax, while the floor is treated with floor oil. • • • • • Window wall is tinted to match the exterior walls

• Door made of CLT, a lock, a long black handle and a roller latch

• Roof covered with black bitumen and black edge plates

• Indirect lighting embedded along the back wall and ceiling with led-stripes

• Natural ventilation with inlet and exhaust

• Weight approximately 2000 kg

• Dimensions 230 x 230 x 230 cm (+ 10 cm base)

• A 10 year structural guarantee for the CLT


Measurement images

• Design: drawings for the courtyard building: ground plans, façade plans, sectional drawings, CLT element design, electrical design and production design.

• Exterior walls: CLT 100mm SURFACE CLT 100mm

• CLT 100mm, 2 parts + subfloor treated spruce 48X98 FLOOR CLT 100mm

• Front window frame: CLT 100mm machined with teardrop shaped opening according to drawings.

• Facades: colourless moulding as primer, surface treatment with tinted ballast. Colours: black, colourless and opaque white.

• Roof: black bituminous roofing (base and top felt), black edging tiles.

• Exterior door: fluted wooden door CLT 60mm Hide hinge TE 340 3D F1 2pcs Exterior door locking: lock frame Abloy LC102 + iron + key slot Abloy Easy CY001J black Exterior door puller oak handle Pillow 20233

• Window: insulating glass element 2k tempered. FLOORS CLT treated with Tikkurila Supi floor oil.

• Surface treatment: walls, ceilings: CLT treated with Tikkurila Supi sauna wax (10% whitewash)

• Ventilation: pressurised air inlet and outlet. Supply air through a floor recess, exhaust air through a hatch in the wall.

• Electricity: wiring for lighting, sockets and switch. Includes switch 1-piece and sockets 2pcs 2-piece ABB impressivo black. Plug socket.

• Lighting: LED strip on ceiling, rear wall: Superled PRO TUNNELMA LED strip 4.3W/m, 24V, IP65 Superled Dimmable LED transformer NAPA, 12V/24V, 5-30W Superled PINNALLA LED profile with cover, 16x7mm, silver.

• Accessories: fixing accessories, sealing compounds and sealing tapes

• Packaging: corner protectors and shrink-wrap (white)

• Lodge should be installed on a flat, load-bearing surface (load capacity 500kg/m2, tolerance +-4mm)

Examples of substrate:

Compacted, gravel bed, free from frost

Concrete slab over compacted gravel bed

Concrete, brick or steel columns on top of compacted gravel (at least 4 at corners)

• The waterproof roof should be inspected regularly at least every year to remove dirt and contaminants

• Windows and doors should be cleaned regularly

• Ventilation of the interior should be ensured by keeping ventilation grilles open.

Interior surfaces should be cleaned regularly and the condition of the silicones checked. Replace the silicones at least every 2 years

• It is recommended that the exterior surfaces are re-treated according to Teknos' instructions using a water-based scouring pad (https://www.teknos.com/fi-FI/tuotteet/woodex-aqua-classic/) when the surface looks worn and the treatment material comes off when brushing the surface, e.g. with a root brush. Surfaces exposed to the sun will wear more quickly than shaded surfaces and the surface will have a longer life. Before treatment, remove loose material, dirt and dust from the surface with a steel or root brush. Washing is then recommended before re-treatment. Surfaces can be repainted with Teknos water and solvent based primers, topcoats and house paints.

• It is recommended to refinish the interior floor according to Tikkurila's instructions (below) when the surface has worn down to the point where the water repellent properties have worn off and the surface starts to absorb moisture. Prior to refinishing, it is recommended that the old material is washed/sanded to allow the material to absorb into the wood to be treated.


See the links below for suitable products and treatment instructions. Flooring: https://tikkurila.fi/tuotteet/supi-lattiaoljy 


Lodge instructions


The warranty does not cover damage which can be attributed to use, transport or installation contrary to the conditions or instructions.


The guarantee does not cover damage caused by moisture, e.g. to the electrical system of a technical room.


Please contact : drop@drop.fi for further questions.

• The product is a garden building/guest house intended mainly for private use

• The guarantee starts when the product is delivered to the customer or the customer's carrier, either at the factory or at the delivery address specified in the delivery contract

• Frame warranty 10 years. For load-bearing CLT structures (Exterior walls, partition walls, floors and ceilings) and their joints

• Roof, windows, doors, shutters, and other components 2 years

• Electrical systems and luminaires 2 years

• There is no visual guarantee for wooden surfaces, exterior or interior. CLT and other wood materials are characterised by deterioration and cracking due to changes in humidity and temperature

• The warranty only covers the replacement or repair of the defective part/product and does not cover indirect costs of the defect or repair, delivery or travel expenses.

• The warranty does not cover damage which can be attributed to use, transport or installation contrary to the conditions or instructions.

• The guarantee does not cover damage caused by moisture, e.g. to the electrical system of a technical room


Don't hesitate to ask: drop@drop.fi

How is the Drop pool emptied?

Electrically heated pools are emptied with a pump.


Make sure that there are no embers left in the fireplace before emptying the pool. Empty the fireplace of ashes before emptying the pool of water. The stove must also be emptied of water by using its own outlet valve.


N.B.! If you use chemicals in the pool water, the water must be led to the sewage system!


Where should I place the Drop pool and what kind of a foundation does it need?

The placement of the pool should be planned as carefully as possible to ensure comfort of use and safety. Place the pool in an open area, if possible. Otherwise, leaves and other dirt falling from trees will easily end up in the pool water during bathing. Consider your neighbours if you live in a densely populated area.


The pool must be installed and rely on its framework. The pool should not rest on the upper edge, and the upper edge should not rest on the patio, for example. The base functions as a capillary break between the earth and the frame. The foundation must be even, load-bearing and horizontal. The best foundation is concrete, gravel, wood or some other hard foundation material. The foundation must endure a weight of 2,500 kg without sinking or changing. In addition, consider the impact of frozen ground when planning the foundation.


The placement of each pool must be planned according to situation and place. The blueprints are indicative examples of installation.

How is the Drop delivered?

The pool is delivered upright by a lorry to the delivery address provided by the customer or as close to the delivery address as possible. The driver will lower the package with a pallet jack. The pool package is upright on top of a pallet.


The pool package has a freight weight of approximately 135–300 kg, depending on the extra features.

How is the Drop pool filled with water? How much water fits in the pool?

The Drop pool does not need a separate water connection as it can be filled with, for example, a garden hose.

The pool’s capacity is 1,830 L. In practice, only 1,000-1,500 is needed to fill the pool.

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