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If you are interested in a partnership with Drop, please leave your contact details and we’ll get in touch.


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Hilltop forest


Three years ago, two financial consultants came up with the idea of creating the perfect getaway resort. Their vision is now a reality. In the beginning of June Tiia Soppela and Craig McDonald opened the doors to their laid-back luxury forest resort, Hilltop Forest, in Inkoo, southern Finland. “The resort’s forest spa has a wood-burning sauna and an outdoor spa pool from Drop. The Drop spa pool immediately became the main attraction at our resort”, say Tiia and Craig. 

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Barö hotel


In June 2021, a luxurious archipelago hotel opened its doors to the pristine nature of the Ingå archipelago. When the hotel was planned and built, it was obvious that the guest suite would have an outdoor spa from Drop Design Pool. “We wanted to create a place that inspires tranquillity and where stressed people can stop, enjoy the nature and relax for a while. In addition, it had to be a very high-class hotel providing memorable experiences. In that frame, Drop’s superior outdoor spas fit in perfectly,” says Jussi Paavoseppä, Hotel Director at The Barö.

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