Drop plants one tree for each spa sold

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Drop starts a collaboration with local istutapuita.fi. The goal of the concrete cooperation is clear: for every spa sold, one tree is planted. In this way, Drop contributes to sustainable development and helps strengthen the vitality of forests.


"Finland's wonderful nature is a constant source of inspiration for us, and we feel that istutapuita.fi shares the same world of values ​​as we do. Our products are inspired by Finland's beautiful and precious nature. Spending time together and relaxing are important values ​​for us," says Drop's marketing manager Noora Uusitalo.


Relaxing in a spa lowers stress levels in the same way as taking a relaxing walk in the forest. It is important for Drop to take care of the well-being and health of its customers, but also the well-being and vitality of the surrounding nature. The cooperation istutapuita.fi supports this world of thought perfectly.


Drop currently has more than 20 retailers and distributors in Europe.

"We hope that with our own concrete example, we can possibly encourage and inspire them to participate in environmental actions in their own markets."


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