The GOLDEN WAVE 2022 Design Award goes to Drop

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The GOLDEN WAVE 2022 goes to Drop Pool Design Pool Oy from Turku Finland for the “Drop Spa”, a drop-shaped whirlpool. Team Drop is thankful, humbled, and excited to receive this prestigious award. Thank you!


“Clear lines, the right proportions, and very beautiful materials create a pool of the highest level! A new style icon is born!”


Please find the jury’s verdict below, as told by Mr. Kostas Medugorac.

“My students all want to create a design icon like Apple, but they quickly learn just how complex this is, and the amount of work that goes into the correct design of an iconic product is usually not visible at first glance… but certainly at second. The exciting thing about swimming pool and sauna products is that a lot has already been solved technically, but there are still very few formal icons in the marketplace.

‘Perfection in a teardrop shape’, that’s the Drop whirlpool concept by Drop Design Pool from Finland.

Clear lines, right proportions, and very beautiful materials create a whirlpool at the very highest level. Once seen, never forgotten, an icon is born.
A spa that has character, but is restrained and fits into all spaces. Whether old or new construction, the spa fits in due to its architectural neutrality. Like a well-designed piece of furniture, it enhances spaces without taking away from its character. The clever functional design inside the spa complements the all-around cohesive concept.

It was also nice to see that the brochure and website follow the same well-designed concept. A design icon doesn’t always have to be an apple, it can also be a drop.”

Ilkka Haapaniemi, the CEO of Drop says: “We are extremely grateful for this honor. Receiving this prestigious award is an amazing testimonial that we are on the right track and the international spa market is ready for us!”

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