New launch: Hybrid Spa

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We are now introducing a Hybrid Spa model, that you can heat with electricity or with wood.


Our Lampi and Lähde models, that were formerly only available as electrically heated spas are now also available as Hybdrid models. Hybrid model has a separate inlet and outlet for the stove, which makes it easy to open or close it when you want to heat the spa with wood.


Wood-heated spa requires a little bit more effort and time from its owner but the heat of the stove, the smell of the chopped wood and the atmospheric flames behind the stove’s glass door just give that extra special feeling. On the other hand electrically heated spas are always ready and the system takes care of the suitable water temperature and filteration system. With hybrid model you don’t have to choose between these options.




The still surface of the Lampi pool creates the perfect oasis for relaxing alone or in a larger group.

-electrical heating

-wood heating

-no bubbles





Clean water and atmospheric bubbles well forth from the bottom of the pool just like in a spring.


-electrical heating

-wood heating

-atmospheric bubbles


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