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There is nothing more Finnish than sauna; many locals think you can’t grasp Finland or its culture without bathing in one. Sauna is good for everybody. It relieves stress and has many proven health benefits – it is a perfect way to wind down.


Just like our cherished spas and outdoor fires, the Drop Saunas are meticulously crafted in Finland with the utmost attention to detail. Using high-quality materials and a commitment to excellence in finishing, each sauna is a testament to Finnish craftsmanship. The construction material, CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) stands as one of the most ecologically conscious and durable building materials available.


A Drop sauna is a perfect addition to both summer cottages and home patios, just like other iconic Drop products. This turnkey outdoor sauna is ready to transform your space effortlessly. All it takes is an electrician and a flat spot to set it up. You can choose either a convenient electric heater or a wood-burning stove for your ultimate relaxation.



Features for Drop Sauna: 


• Builgind material is CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber)

• Exterior walls treated with black/clear wood stain or covered with light paint

• Sauna walls and benches feature neutral sauna wax, while the floor is treated with floor oil. Window wall is tinted to match the exterior walls

• Door made of CLT, a lock, a long black handle and a roller latch

• Roof covered with black bitumen and black edge plates

• Electrically heated Huum Cliff 9kW heater or wood-burning Juup Iiivari artisan stove

• Indirect lighting embedded along the back wall and ceiling with led-stripes

• Subfloor with slope towards a floor gap, serving as a floor drain

• Natural ventilation with inlet and exhaust 

• Spacious benches, accommodating up to five sauna-goers

• Weight approximately 2000 kg

• Dimensions 230 x 230 x 230 cm (+ 10 cm base)

• Guarantees: structural CLT 10 years, Electric Huum Cliff heater 5 years, Wooden Juup Iivari stove 10 years
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Find your own happy place and get an offer on Drop Sauna from: drop@drop.fi