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It’s important to keep your spa clean and hygienic. Electric heated Drop Spas are equipped with filtration, ozonisation and UVsystems, which play an important role in maintaining the spa. It’s necessary to use the right chemicals to support the system. Drop Spa comes with a starter-kit allowing you to get started with the regular upkeep of the water from the beginning.

If the pool water is not changed after each use like you would do with a pool heated with a stove, you must make sure the water stays hygienic. A spa always requires a bit of maintenance to keep it fresh and clean. The filter and UV systems alone are not enough to keep all bacteria away.


- Change the pool water approximately 3 times a year, depending on the usage.
- Change or wash the filter aproximately once a month depending on the usage.
- Add chlorine tablets or active oxygen granules regularly; for example, once a week or after each use. Adjust the water’s pH value when necessary. Always follow the dosage of the chemicals.
- Wash yourself before each use. 

Wood heated Drop Pisara doesn't have a filtration system which is why we recommend changing the water after each use.